Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Party

We got a slow start to the morning since we got home so late last night. We decided to check out a local show (which we have been apart of the last 2 yr but was told they didn't have room for us this year) because we were curious. Keree was a little confused because we have never been to a show just to walk around that she can remember. Keree rode in the MeiTai because they don't allow strollers inside the building and I didn't want her to get stepped on because it's crowded. It turned out that it was basically the same people as usual that was there. We were excited to run into our Friend who does Photography letters since we had lost track of her after last season. Keree was thrilled to see "her Friend", then decided to act shy and wouldn't talk to them. We also ran into our Friends who make beautiful wood furniture. They were so excited to see Keree. They became our close friends last year and have recently lost custody of their granddaughter after she lived with them for 8 years. It just breaks my heart that after the parents abandoned her at 1 month at the Grandparents house, the Mother came back to claim her 8 yrs later. We said our good-byes and headed home. We grabbed a quick lunch and then everyone except for me took a nap. We ended up then having to wake up my Brother and Keree from their naps so we could attend our local Adoption group Fall get-together. It was nice to see a few Families we knew but it was also nice to meet some new Families. It had been over a year since we had been able to attend one of the get-togethers because of other obligations. After enjoying a nice fellowship dinner, we gathered all the kiddos outside for a group shot and then it was onto the craft. Each child got to paint their own pumpkins. Keree's pumpkin has two faces, one is sweet and nice and then the other side of the pumpkin has mean eyebrows and glasses. Keree and my Brother spent some time outside playing with the other kids, while my Mom and I visited and listened to the other families. Finally it was getting late and both Keree and my Brother were tired. On the way home, we happened to pass a house and sitting on the curb with a big Free sign was a Little Tikes Jungle Climber. At think at the exact same time, my Brother and I thought the same thing. So after dropping my Mom and Keree off at home, we drove back to where we had saw the climber. We both talked that if it was still there, it was meant to be ours. And we were shocked that it was still there. What we quickly found out, it was a pain to take apart. So instead, my Brother and I hoisted it to the top of the van and after securing it with some straps, we were on our way. We are both so excited for Keree to see it in the morning and play on it. When we got home, we unloaded it and spent a little while marveling at our find before heading to bed.

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