Friday, October 8, 2010

"Only" Spaghetti

When we got up this morning, my Grandparents were disappointed that I wasn't allowing Keree to stay home from school. They also didn't understand why we weren't opening up our yard sale first thing. So again we explained to them that we were having our yard sale in the evening and that Keree is already going to miss quite a few days of school next week. I don't understand why it was an issue, when you consider that she's only gone 2 1/2 hrs. When I picked Keree up from pre-school, the summary said that they made spaghetti. The kids broke the noodles over the boiling water and then when it was ready helped to pour the sauce over the noodles. They read a book about a girl who lived in Italy and ate noodles. They also watched a movie about how people who live in Rome only eat spaghetti. Yes, I know Italian's don't eat only spaghetti and I also know they have alot of other great dishes that doesn't even involve pasta. I explained that to Keree also because all I could think was how stereotypical it was to assume that all Italian or everyone who lives in Rome "only" eat spaghetti. When we got home, Keree was excited to show off her artwork that she did this week. We also got the school fundraiser information. Unlike years past where the kids sold pizza, wrapping paper, etc. This year, they are relying strictly on the parents. They expect us to spend anywhere between $5 (for a magnet) to over $100 for an item with our child's artwork on it. Keree's drawing was cute but she draws me amazing pictures almost every day and they decorate my house. I then scan them all into my computer so I will have them forever. I don't need her artwork professionally mounted in a frame for $65. So I will mark my envelope "no thank you". My Grandparent's ended up leaving for the day when I put Keree down for her nap. When 230p rolled around, Keree was still napping, so I got the yard sale set-up to open at 3p. Keree was exhausted and didn't get up until almost 4p, when she did get up, I only coaxed her out of bed and outside with the promise of a rice krispie treat. Hey, don't judge me, sometimes you gotta give a little. After her krispie treat, she rode her tricycle up and down the sidewalk and I worked on business stuff. We didn't have a single person stop at the yard sale, which was a disappointment. When we got everything picked up and headed inside, we started back to sewing until my Grandparent's got home. It was really nice of them because they had picked up some fish dinners from the VFW for us. Which luckily, I was just about to start dinner when they got back. Since we were all exhausted, we pretty much headed to bed as soon as we got done with dinner.

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