Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tan-ish Skin

I couldn't believe how chilly it was this morning when we woke up. I mean I knew it was going to be cold since it was freezing all weekend, but it still catches you off guard. I searched for some warmer clothes for Keree before I woke her up. After she got dressed, I used my amazing Mommy skills and fixed Keree a rice krispie treat for breakfast. Hey, at least it's made with cereal! After dropping Keree off at school, I headed home to work on cleaning the house for company and getting ready for the show next weekend. When I came to pick Keree up from school. It said that they read a book about Different kinds of families. Keree's comment was that it focused on all the different types of skin color and how you should have the same as your Mommy and Daddy. UGH!!! Seriously, don't they think to read these books before hand? It was like, hey look this kid doesn't look like there Mom or Dad, so that must not be their Mom & Dad. Keree did follow up with this comment to my Mom, "my skin and Mommy's skin is the same." Which made me laugh but it's true, with both have a tan-ish tint to our skin. Hers is because she's Asian and mine because I'm American Indian. It also said that they drew pictures of themselves and they will do so 2 other times so they can compare the children's development. When we got home, Keree ate a quick lunch and then laid down because she's wasn't feeling too hot. Her sinuses are draining and she's coughing. She slept till it was almost time for Cheer practice. Tonight at practice, the Coach had them hoping. They learned 6 new cheers and it was the first time that it ran smoothly. She didn't let the girls run amok, she actually taught them. We also voted and agreed that the girls will be competing at a Cheerfest, which is held after the Football season is over. When we got home, Keree was exhausted so we headed to bed early.

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