Monday, November 1, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday

Keree woke up this morning before 4a and of course she was ready for her day to begin. I on the other hand, pulled the covers up over my head and refused to budge until 7a. I fixed Keree a quick breakfast and got her dressed before it was time to head out the door. I dropped Keree off at school. Then ran to the store in search of Halloween deals. I got boxes of tissues for 34 cents a box, 200 ct paper napkins for $1 a pack, 72 ct plastic knives, forks, spoons for 74 cents, boxes of 40 ct individual pretzels packs for $2 and boxes of 24 ct chips for $2.10. I also picked up some packages of play-dough (24 ct for $2), disney card games (18 ct for $2) and bracelets (30 ct for $1) to put in Treat bags for Keree's birthday (which is in February). For Keree's Christmas, I also got a few dress-up things and a cute sweatshirt all 1/2 off because it was marked Halloween. I picked Keree up from school early, I had hoped to get there in time to see them on the playground again but instead got there right as they came inside. I did hear the one little girl, who's been bugging Keree about her brace go "Keree your not my friend anymore." I watched to see Keree's reaction and she just shrugged her shoulders. I asked Keree later why did she say that and she goes "who knows she just likes causin' drama" with attitude. I wondered for a minute where she had heard that because I really try to keep myself from throwing in ghetto words with attitude when I speak around her. But then it hit me, her one Teacher this morning goes, "E, stop causin' so much drama." Thank goodness, it didn't come from me. When we got home, we spent some time outside cleaning up our Halloween decorations. Keree had so much fun trying to pull the spiders off the webs. We also picked up the outside chairs and toys getting them ready to store for the Winter also because I'm highly doubtful we will have anymore super warm weather. When we finally headed inside, it was time to fix our Muffin Tin. This week's theme was Harvest, Leaves and Trees. I had great plans in my mind but when I finally came inside to fix it, I was too cold and tired to do anything spectacular. So instead, I choose some of our favorite Fall Foods. So in the back row is Cranberry sauce, a piece of Toast cut into a pumpkin shape and finally some Green Olives. The front row is some pumpkin shaped cheeses, cornbeef hash and of course some fresh cut corn. Keree dove into lunch, covered her Toast with cranberry sauce, ate all the corn and hash before saying she was finished. Before her nap, Keree did get one big Halloween treat today from Momma. It's a jar filled with a gigantic Marshmallow Frankenstien head. She had seen them for weeks at the store but she knew we couldn't get one because it was too expensive. So when she say it, she couldn't wait to dig in. We then spent the rest of the day and evening getting ready for a show this weekend. Which we are so beyond not being ready for it.


  1. You found amazing deals. I am glad you were able to find the Marshmallow Frankenstien head. It looks like she really loves it.

  2. She is so cute! Those are some great deals you found. The lunch looks yummy!