Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Unofficial Snow Day

Well this morning, we woke up to about 6" of snow on the ground. So, before waking Keree up, I sat there and watched the school closings on the bottom of the tv screen. I watched it go completely thru 3 times because I couldn't believe that Keree's school wasn't closed. The elementary and high schools were closed in the area but not the pre-school. Seriously, my road hadn't even been touched by the plows yet and I was pretty sure that most other country road hadn't been either. I wasn't willing to risk crashing or sliding off the road into the ravine with a creek at the bottom, so Keree stayed home. So with every snow, all Keree has been wanting to do was go sledding. And honestly it hasn't worked out for us to go sledding, so today was the day. We have a small inclined hill behind our pine trees, so I dug Keree's sled out of the garage and we walked the 1/2 acre or so to arrive at our small hill. I told Keree that I would give her a push from the top of the hill but she was in charge of dragging the sled back up the hill once she came to a stop. After, about her 20th time sledding down the hill, my Mom finally joined us. So that meant I got to stand at the bottom of the hill and try to catch some cute pictures. I lost count after awhile how many times Keree drug her sled up the hill and then sledded down. Finally, it was getting colder and Keree's hands were getting super cold, so we headed closer to the house. Of course, she had to throw a few handful of snows before heading inside. Once we were inside, we spent the rest of the day staying warm. We worked on a few workbooks, drew a few pictures and played. We kept a look-out also for the snowplows but even at 10p at night, they still haven't cleaned off our roads. I'm thinking there's a good chance I will be keeping Keree home tomorrow from school also.

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