Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Last day of Winter Break

This morning I got up bright and early, drug Keree out of bed, got her dressed, fed her breakfast and we jumped into the car. Keree was excited to be heading back to school today. We arrived at her school, to an almost empty parking lot (there was 3 cars there to be exact). I sat there for a few seconds and Keree asked me if we were getting out. And so I sat there a little longer, why wasn't there other parents dropping off their kids? Where was all the hustle and bustle. So I told Keree to stay put and I jumped out. And there on the door was No School from Dec 22 - Jan 4. Do you think I felt stupid at that moment? I kept thinking they went back to school on the 4th, nope she was still on vacation. I explained to Keree that I had the dates wrong and tomorrow she gets to go back to school. I was surprised because she was thrilled, she was excited to spend another day at home with me. So, I ran quickly to pay some bills and then we headed home. We changed the flags outside, along with putting a new outfit on our goose. Once we headed inside, we ate lunch and I helped my Mom on her new blog venture. I was feeling awful from this cough so, I laid down with Keree for a nap. But as she slept soundly next to me, I sat there staring at the television miserably. The new medicine seems to be working (or that's what everyone is telling me) but it's just not quick enough for me. In the evening, Keree and I sat in bed and just chilled. Of course, my night didn't end well, I got super sick (thanks alot mucus) and ended up pulling some weird stomach muscle. So after getting Keree ready for bed, I wrapped myself up in two blankets and pulled them up over my head in hopes of feeling better.

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