Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pancake Sunday

We all woke up feeling awful. Between Keree and I's cough and whatever bug my Mom caught, we were miserable. By the time we drug ourselves out of bed, we decided to fix pancakes. That way it would fill us up enough and we wouldn't have to fix lunch. So after eating brunch, we lounged around and watched a few movies, before it was time for a nap. Since I was working on a few things, my Mom and Keree laid down. They slept almost 3hrs before finally getting up. After Keree woke up, she spent almost the entire rest of the night playing dress-up with her kitty cats. She was having so much fun and she thought it was so funny how she put Big Kitty-Kitty in the red dress. We headed to bed early since none of us was feeling too our hottest.

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