Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back to school

Keree didn't want to get up this morning at all. But finally after we were up, dressed, slice of cheese for breakfast (hey, I know I'm not gonna win Mom of the year), we were headed to the car. Luckily, once we were at school, she was kind of excited, especially when the computer wasn't being used. Of course, as soon as she got over there to play on it, she was told it was broke. I swear that computer is always broke whenever my daughter wants to get on it but seriously that's probably a post for another day. So, when I came to pick Keree up, there was no summary and they weren't in the classroom. They ended up going outside and actually released the kids to us almost 15 minutes late. Seriously, if we were 15 minutes late, they would have called the police to come pick up our kids but sure, they can release them late without a blink of an eye. So during that 15 minute wait, a Mom who has never talked to me, has avoided me like the plague and actually treated both me and my daughter quite awful, started to talk to me. Acting like she had never done anything, acting like I was her long lost friend, it was just plain weird. Since there was no summary, I asked Keree what they did at school today. She said that their new Teacher (the Main Teacher is on maternity leave) pretended to be a weather girl because the new pattern on their calendar was going to be about Weather. Keree said it was hilarious, otherwise, they played outside and she drew a picture. When we got home, we ate lunch, we drew pictures and I helped my Mom navigate some blog stuff. Which still cracks me up she's asking me for help, when you consider how boring my blog looks. I also hung up the rest of the Holiday cards we had gotten, because I wanted one picture with all of them hanging up. When it was time for Keree to take a nap, I was ready to too. I took some medicine and feel asleep before Keree did and she actually woke up before me also. Sick of this cough! We spent our evening putting together puzzles, drawing and finally ended our night with Wednesday night television.

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