Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three Kings Day

This morning, we woke up to the morning news telling us that our local gas station (a few miles from our house) was robbed last night. I honestly have to say it was very unsettling to hear but with the economy the way it is around here, it doesn't surprise me. Thank goodness no one was hurt. After getting Keree up and going, we headed off to school. After dropping her off and heading home, it was time to work on getting the tree, holiday decorations and cards taken down. Today is Three Kings day which means the official end to Christmas, today is the day that the 3 Kings reached the Manger to bestow their gifts on the holy child. We don't mark they day with festivities or presents like other cultures, but we do follow the tradition of taking down the decorations. Before I knew it, it was time to pick Keree up. I ended up running almost 8 min late to pick her up. But luckily, they were running late yet again in releasing them. Keree and I, peacefully walked out to the car because we were meeting with our Homeschool teacher today and needed to hurry because we didn't want to be late. Of course, I'll just add this side note in, when class releases and the kids walk out the front door, most of them go nuts. They run away from their parents, run out into the parking lot with no cares, up/down this hill and some even bolt into the street. And when their parents finally pick them up, there is usually tons of kicking, screaming and tantrums involved. It's just chaos and they always comment how good Keree is because she holds me hand and we walk peacefully away from that place. Well right as we get to the van, I open the door to let Keree climb in and into her seat and she yells bye to "that one girl". I left Keree's door open, as I opened my front door and I turn around to find "that one girl" climbing into my car. I tell her nicely that we need to go and she needs to get out. Needless to say, she keeps climbing. Her Grandma (who has custody of her) comes over and goes, "That one girl, come on, you have to get out of Keree's car". That one girl, is stomping back and forth the length of my van chanting "I'm going home with Keree." Her Grandma was like, "look you gotta come on, I've got stuff to do." And she's reaching over Keree, who was nicely sitting in her car seat, trying to grab her. I was like look "That one Girl, we gotta go, we have an appointment and I'm gonna be late." I was getting pissed and I was about to push the Grandma out of the way and grab that little girl out of my car. Seriously, WTH! Just as that was all going to happen, That One Girl, gets site of my face and I mouth "get out now." I don't know if she understood that or she could see the fury on my face but she got out. Her Grandma apologized again and I couldn't say anything back. I can't believe you can't teach this child manners, you don't climb into someones car, crawl all over and act a fool. So after strapping Keree in, I hurried off to our appointment. Luckily, she was running late, so she had no idea, we weren't there on time. Our session today was on tools and jobs done with tools. Keree did build this amazing tower with foam alphabet letters and pegs. Some of our time was spent counting, sorting and patterns. Of course, Keree flew threw everything she had planned and so we had over 40 minutes left to waste. We read some books, wrote words and talked. I'm hoping she realizes, she will need to add a few more activities into our sessions, because so far our sessions always end with lots of extra time. When we got home, it was after 1p. We took a few more decorations down, before it was nap time. Keree amazingly fell asleep but of course, my cough wouldn't let me rest, so I just sat there watching tv. Once she woke up and she ate dinner, we spent the rest of the evening working on workbooks before finally heading to bed.

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