Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hump Day

This morning, I think it took every ounce of energy I had to get out of bed and then get Keree to school. Keree, well she could have stayed home but she when I picked her up, she was happy that she went. The summary said that they decorated their snowman, read a few books about snow and talked about the activities they are doing for the parents morning on Friday. After we picked up Keree, we ran to the grocery store since we are suppose to be getting a huge snow storm starting this evening, into tomorrow. I'm glad we did stop because we really didn't have anything in the house to eat other than canned soup and honestly you can only eat so much of it. When we got home, I did some work and Keree played with her toys. We ate a quick lunch and then laid down. Yep, I'm still fighting this cough and though it's not getting worse, it's not getting better. When we got up, Keree and I fixed dinner. Before settling in for the night, Keree was drawing pictures and writing stories to go with it. I was amazed when I looked to see what Keree had wrote and drew. She wrote "Once upon a time there was a girl she let down her hair it was Rupunzel." I don't think that's too bad for only being 4 that she only mispelled Rapunzel. So for the rest of the evening, we cuddled in for a night of wednesday shows on tv. Before heading to bed, we checked outside to see how much snow had already fallen. We were surprised that there was already at least an inch on the ground.

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