Friday, January 21, 2011

Parent School Visit

This morning, even though our roads were horrific because they weren't clear yet, we still had to head out. We had to meet Keree's cheer coach to pick up her skort for tomorrow's game. Of course, they weren't able to get her the size we ordered, so it's still way too big. So, we slowly made our way to the gas station where we were meeting her and since we were already that far out, we decided to go ahead and head into school for the Parent's visit. Honestly, we wouldn't have ventured out and tempted fate on sliding off the road and crashing, but we had to pick up Keree's skort. Once we arrived at school, they were all amazed we actually made it in. I agreed with them that the roads were awful but we had to be out anyway, so that's the only reason we made it in. When there was about 4 sets of parents there, they explained that we were suppose to move around to each station and perform whatever the activity was. Since we were nearest the reading table, that is where we started. I had just started reading Keree the first page of the book Let it snow and there was a swarm a kiddos around us. So, I ended up reading to not only Keree but about 4 other kids. Once we finished our book, we headed over to the drawing table. There Keree was to draw a picture with chalk of a winter scene. Her first picture was of herself ice skating and a snowman. To set the chalk, you then spray it with hairspray (which was just messy). We were then headed to our next station but it was packed, so we decided to draw another winter picture. Finally, a space opened up at the next and final station. So we read the instructions and got to work. We were to make a snowman out of a rice cake, cream cheese, raisins, cheerios and carrot. The cream cheese was still hard, so the kids had a rough time spreading it out but eventually Keree got the hang of it. When she was finished, I couldn't believe how cute the snowman had turned out. Of course the best part was when she got to eat it. She was about half way through eating it, when the Teacher called them all over to the carpet to recite a snowman poem called My Snowman. It went "I make a snowman when it snows. I use a carrot for his nose. I put a hat upon his head. I give him mittens, blue and red. I give him raisins for his smile. Then I leave and play a while. When I come back, his face looks funny. His nose was eaten by a bunny." After they recited their poems, they sang the snowman song. It was really cute and I'm so glad I flipped the camera over to video. After they were finished, they were released back to the last station they were at. Keree decided she was finished eating, so I told her I would take the rest of her snowman home. She saw that the computer was free, so she quickly raced over there before someone else got on. Before I left, I did drag her away for one last picture, which was with the snowman that the class made together out of paper mache. Keree has been giving us updates about it every time she's at school. We left for a short time and ran a few errands. We ended up picking her up early, which was ok because all they were doing was watching video books. When we got home, Keree spent her afternoon drawing before it was finally time for a nap. I was planning on working during Keree's nap, got all my work out and the next thing I know, Keree was waking me up and almost 2 hrs had passed. Once we were up, it was a little before dinner time, so I made cheese stuffed shells. It really hit the spot and I really wish I had made more than I did, because it really hit the spot. We ended our night with making another batch of snow ice cream. It was good but not as good as last night. We discovered that you can't use a cheap brand of sweetened condensed milk because there is a big taste difference than name brand. Otherwise, its suppose to be another super cold night (below zero) mixed with a few inches of snow. Sorry the pictures aren't that great but for some reason the camera was acting up and I didn't realize it until I was downloading them at home.

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