Friday, January 7, 2011


It was quite a feat getting out of the house this morning, Keree didn't want to go to school. But finally we were out the door and gone. When I dropped her off, she wasn't too thrilled to go in but I could see why because it was total chaos. I mean I'm thrilled that we aren't having to deal with the daily drama of the Main Teacher but the Substitute Teacher seems to be being steamed rolled. When I picked Keree up, the summary said that they read a few books and played with puzzles. Keree now, she was hilarious. As we walked out to the car,she closed her eyes and tried to catch snowflakes. Then when we got home, she was walking around the yard trying to do the same thing. Since it was snowing so hard, we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening inside. The ground was so warm that they snow never did stick. Which was a bummer because they estimated if it had stuck, it would have been about 8". So since we were stuck inside, we spent our time working on workbooks, puzzles and coloring. For dinner, I fixed roast beef and mashed potatoes. It tasted so good, even though I'm still battling this cough.

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