Monday, June 4, 2012

Where did Monday Go??

Seriously, where did Monday go? Here it is and I didn't take one single picture the entire day. I can tell you that we spent the day packing, moving and all that fun stuff. In the evening Keree had her Irish Step dancing class and to my surprise, one of my former co-workers' daughter has started in the class. It's kind of cool because we got to catch up, turns out that we are both our daughter's scout leaders also.We have four more classes before the end of the term and I'm still torn on if we will continue or not. Keree really loves it but having the class time cut, I'm just not really sure it's worth the money or if we should look somewhere else? 

Otherwise, since I have no pictures to show for today. I thought I would show off some of the craftiness I had done lately. This first pic was from a improtu photo session we had in Keree's friend, Alicia's backyard. They are both wearing our dresses and bows. Aren't they just too cute! 
 These are some bows, I made and sold to a very sweet lady who had just had a brand new baby girl named Aubrey. She wanted big bows and was very specific on which bottlecaps she wanted. They turned out cute and she sent me a few pictures of the baby wearing them.

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