Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Movie

 This morning, since Keree has been so good during all the chaos, we decided to take advantage of our local movie theatres free summer movies. They also have a special that if you sign up for their free movie rewards card, every Wednesday you get a free medium popcorn. I couldn't believe how much that bag of popcorn would have cost us ($7.00) and it was stuffed full. We came home with two bags that were both more than 1/2 full.  I was a little hesistant for Keree to see Kung Fu Panda 2 because I had heard many reviews from other Adoptive parents and so it made my extra cautious. But instead, I decided we would just go for it. I wasn't sure what to expect but other than a little intense section when Po finally remember how he ended up in the radish crate, it wasn't anything Keree couldn't handle. She was a little curious at the thought Po's birth father was still alive at the end. After the movie ended, we talked about  what she thought of the movie. She said her favorite part was after Po remember and he went back to fight with the Furious Five and he goes in slow motion "I love you guys."
After the movie, Keree got one more treat. We had a free $10 gift certificate to K0hls. My Mom was hoping she would pick out some clothes but instead, she saw this soccer ball with Rapunzel on it. The final total with tax was $10.49, so we paid a whooping 49 cents for Keree's new soccer ball. To top off our day before heading home to move and pack some more stuff. We had a coupon and got a free lunch from Wendy's. 

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