Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fourth Day of VBS

Keree was so excited when she got out of VBS to show off her sticker. She loves that she's old enough this year to stay later tomorrow to practice for the musical. On her sticker it says to remember to bring a sack lunch. Well being that you have to bring something that can't be refrigerated, has to be thrown away and can't be nut related. It was hard to come up with something that wasn't going to spoil in 107 degree heat. Finally we decided to just send some jello and cheezit cracker mix. Then we decided that we would just have a real lunch after we picked her up. 
 Being that today was basically the last day of VBS, Keree made a windsock and also got her VBS certificate of completion. Once we got home, we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening trying to stay cool. Honestly, I have to say it would have been nice to have a/c today because it seemed like all the fans were doing was blowing the 106 degree hot air at us. But we all agree, we are lucky to at least have fans and plenty of ice water to drink.

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