Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Giant VBS Musical

Keree couldn't wait to get to the musical this evening. She even made us leave the house almost 1 1/2 hour early to make sure we weren't going to be late. When we arrived, we had quite awhile to wait but finally it was time to drop Keree off with the other kiddos in the choir. 
When she came in, she was at the other end of the line but the Choir director came and moved Keree to the front of the row. She just shined there and I may be a biased Momma but Keree did great. She knew the songs and hand movements and unlike some of the other kiddos she wasn't all over the place (I can't even count how many kids jumped off the steps in the middle of the songs).
 There was over 600 kids in the choir and the church had over 1900 kids in VBS over the course of the week. Which just blows my mind when you consider that they do the entire vacation bible school for free.

After the performance, I cannot even count how many people came up to me and said there were mesmerized by Keree. One older Grandma said that even though her Grandson was close by Keree, she just couldn't take her eyes off of Keree. I honestly was amazed by all the compliments she got.
 After the musical, the church had tons of bouncy houses, which sadly Keree couldn't do. But she was ok with that because instead she got to have snowcones and cotton candy. I swear that the church went through 2-3,000 bags of cotton candy, it was crazy.

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