Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Movie

Even though I was exhausted from the drive yesterday, we had already made plans to meet Keree's friend at the movies. So we were up early to make sure we got our ticket to the Free movie today. It was nice to get to visit with Keree's friend Alicia's Mom and it was nice for Keree and Alicia to get to spend some time together. This was the most time they spent together since they got out of school, so they really missed each other. Today's free movie was Zookeeper. It was a little more on the adult side than a kids movie...but it was still cute and funny. As for the rest of our day, we spent it getting ready for a flea market this weekend. Since we live in such a bad place to have a yard sale, it seemes like a good idea. I'm really hope we do well because we have alot of stuff to sale. 

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