Friday, June 22, 2012

Last Day of VBS Musical Practice

Today was the very last day of Vacation Bible School. Needless to say Keree was a little on the sad side that the week was already over.  But on the other hand she was super excited that she was getting to bring her lunch so she could stay for the Musical practice. 
 My Mom and I arrived about 20 minutes before the end of practice. We saw almost the entire show and was amazed at how many kids were in the choir. I marked where Keree was with the Orange arrows because it was so hard to see her otherwise.
 It was so weird because where they had placed Keree in the line-up, there was a spotlight that came right down on her. It literally made her look like she was the star of the choir. Also the little boy next to her, totally was had a crush on her. He kept trying to hold her hand and everything it was so cute because Keree was having none of it.
 After practice got done, we headed home. It was super hot and miserable but all Keree wanted to do was watch the movies we took of the practice. So she spent the night practicing the songs and hand movements.

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