Monday, June 25, 2012

First day of Scout Camp

Today was our first day of Scout Day camp. It was also Keree's first time at camp, so she was super excited. Our day started off with meeting the rest of the girls in our group and making name tags. Then we headed to the main building for a lesson on how to hula. Because of such the long distances and Keree not being able to walk them since her surgery, we had to use her wheelchair to get around. But she was thrilled that she could get out and try a few things. 
 Hula dancing was easy for her to do because most of the movements were done with their hands.
After the lesson was done, we headed back to our unit's pavillion. What was bad was the Unit Leader kept leaving us behind. I mean did she really think that the wheelchair could go over concrete parking lot barriers? I suggested that we stay together and she balked at me. Once we finally caught up, they girls were already in the field with the volcano. Part of us earning our Aloha patch, each unit had to explode a volcano. Keree was so excited that she actually got to take part in the process.
This picture was taken after our volcano blew up, basically it was a bunch of soapy suds coming out of the top.
After the volcano, we headed back and the girls worked on paper bag hula skirts. Actually, this is all we did for the rest of the day. Keree honestly wasn't enjoying herself at this point. The other girls weren't very nice to her (there were 3 that were nice) because of the wheelchair and the Unit Leader didn't help the situation, she honestly made it worse.
 Keree with her finished hula skirt on. She wasn't able to fringe it because they only had one pair of scissors. UGH!!
In the afternoon, we headed back to the main building because they had a taste test of some fruits from Hawaii. Keree didn't like the mango but loved the mushed banana and pineapple. By this time, Keree's foot was super swelled up even though she had barely been on it.
For the end of the day, they had camp races. Because Keree's foot was so swelled up, we opted out of them. I would rather her miss out on one activity then having it swell way too much and miss all week. When we headed home, I told my Mom all the woos we had today, out of Keree's ear shot. My Mom asked Keree how it went and she told my Mom it wasn't fun, which is something you honestly never hear out of Keree's mouth. I just really hope that tomorrow gets better.

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