Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Venus journey across the Sun

We spent the day moving and packing like we have done for basically the last week. Finally we sat down for a few minutes to rest. So we watched awhile on television and the internet Venus moving across the sun but finally Keree had to take her telescope outside and see for herself. Luckily, I have a very strong filter (part of an old welding helmet) that I was able to place across the telescope so she could watch. 
I tried to take some pictures of this once in a lifetime event but couldn't get anything decent. 
 Of course, Keree also thought she needed some sunglasses because the sun was so bright.

 Keree loved using her telescope that her Uncle had gotten her two Christmases ago.
I found this pic on the web that better showed Venus moving across the sun. It was amazing to watch and to share it with my daughter. 

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