Wednesday, June 20, 2012

VBS Day 3

Today Keree said that they learned about needs today in VBS. She said that they talked about if Baby Jesus was alive today what would he need. They even had to draw a picture of it, which Keree drew a bib, bottle and spoon. They also made a suncatcher with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus on it.
 Then this evening, we had our Scout meeting. I'm not sure what was going on but most of the Mom's seemed a little grumpy and basically snapped at my Mom (aka our Leader). We had planned a few super easy crafts to finish up the journey along with our book. And basically the night was, why do we have to do this or that. Seriously, this is suppose to be the girls doing the activities and having fun. Keree made her own recycled soda bottle flower. She did all the cutting and decorating herself. Which it makes me sad when the other Mom's don't let their girls do it and take over the project. 
This is our group with their finished service project. They made birdhouses to hang outside in the trees for our local retirement community. The Girls are so super proud of their birdhouses because they painted them all by themselves.

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