Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stormy, Humid, Super Hot Sunday

Last night, we had a few storms come thought. Honestly, they didn't seem so bad but when we arrived we saw this. Thank goodness for once this wasn't our tent but our neighbors. The winds completely mangled this double tent. The only thing we ran into was a few puddles in our covered pavilion space. Didn't hurt anything except one box got wet. When he and his mother arrived, I helped him move his tent and get the tarp off of it. 
 This was our booth space, there was plenty of space and didn't take us long to set-up in the morning. We even had enough time that Keree did some homeschool work in the morning.
 Of course, today was another record breaking heat day. Keree had pigtail braids but eventually I pinned them up so they were off her neck. It was miserable out there and sales were slow.
 Then the heat got to us. Keree and I made scary face at each other.
Since everyone was packing up 2-3 hours early, we finally packed up about an hour before the ending. Keree was thankful to head home because today was also her stuffed Kitty's birthday. Last year we held a huge birthday party for KittyKitty, complete with a picnic lunch and cake. This year it was a little more low key. But we still remembered to sing Happy Birthday to KittyKitty. We also talked with Great-Great and YeYe and they sang Happy Birthday to KittyKitty too. They said we was so polite when we meowed back to him, then Keree got on the phone and translated what he said.

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