Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Library Reading

We missed the original sign-up date for the summer Library reading program. It was on Monday, so signing up on Thursday of the same week, isn't so bad. Luckily, that means we missed the rush of Mom comparing how many books there kids have already read and sizing up the competition. Unfortunately, that also meant we missed all the fun activites that you had to RSVP for. That's ok, most of them involved junk food and that's really not how we roll around here. Now if it was a veggie or fruit activity, like build the Library's largest Veggie tray instead of build the Library's largest Ice Cream Sundae, then Keree would have been bummed out. 
After signing up at the Library, we headed off to the store. Keree is almost obsessed as much with the new Brave movie, as she is with Rapunzel. So, I had saved all the money and gift cards she got from her Birthday in February for her to use this summer or for her to keep saving. Well today, she decided to use her Birthday money. She got a small Merida that lets you change her clothes, the three Brother who turn into bears and finally the larger Merida but not the Princess one, Keree wanted the Archery Merida. 
 She spent the entire day playing with Merida, here she is taking her for a piggy back ride. She also loves the fact that you can kinda shoot the bow and arrow. Keree also loves the fact that she has Irish Step dancing shoes on, so she also was making Merida practice the steps with her.

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