Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Icepocalypse & Butter Steak

For the past 3 days all they have talked about was the incoming Blizzard. The news had people convinced that they were going to lose power, wouldn't be able to get out of their houses for days and of course starve to death. There was bare store shelf's because people seemed to be preparing for the end of the world. Now, I did head out in the craziness but we truly needed groceries. When the storm finally arrived today, 80% of the area saw little to nothing. Then there was people like us that got almost 5" of sleet, along with almost 2" of ice. I am thankful for once that Keree's school did close, so she had her 2nd snowday of the year. We are lucky to have never lost power, so far. We did lose our tv for about 9 hrs and internet for about 4 hrs. Because I wasn't sure if we were going to lose our power and I'm still not so sure, I decided not to waste our wood and start a fire, since we could stay warm with space heaters. We ended up spending the majority of our day in the bedroom. I dragged Keree's Rapunzel table in here, along with her Rapunzel mini tower and all the Rapunzel guys she got at Christmas. So, she spent almost her entire day playing with her toys. When she finally did get bored, which was after her nap and dinner, she drew pictures and wrote stories. Since, I didn't really feel like cooking, I had decided while shopping yesterday that I was going to fix a couple crock-pot recipes over the next couple of days. You see, the night I found out my Grandma had passed away, I couldn't sleep. So, I spent my entire night and into the next morning, reading and researching recipes. I saved the ones that sounded tasty and I was extremely excited to try Butter Steak. So, since I've also been in a funk, I decided to try the Tried-it Tuesday. So here is the recipe for Butter Steak. You take 3 lbs of stew meat, I used a lean trimmed stew meat, 4 sticks of butter and 2 envelopes of dry onion soup mix. I combined that all in my crock pot and set it to high. I decided to cook at high (4hrs) instead of low for 8 hrs because of the thought we may lose power and this way it would be done by lunchtime. So, when lunch rolled around and we still had power, I dropped the crock pot setting to low and just let it keep slowly cooking until 4p. Before serving, I cooked up a package of medium egg noodles. Drained them and then added them to the crock pot. Stirred it all up and served. It was amazing. Now, I did add some weber chicago steak seasoning because I thought it need a little kick. Keree ate a huge bowl of it, with no extras and so did my Mom. It was such a hit that this is now going to be a regular meal in our house. Plus there was plenty of leftovers for lunch and dinner tomorrow. As for me, I spent my day working on korker bows. I had made up a ton of korked ribbon almost a year ago and I lost the box it was in. A few weeks ago, I re-found the box, so I'm trying to get a whole bunch made up for upcoming shows. And as soon as I post this, I'm headed to bed. I'm so exhausted. I was trying to stay up to see if Keree's school was called off tomorrow. They are advising us to stay off the roads because we will have bad weather till 1p or later tomorrow. All the other schools are closed already in the two counties but not Keree's. I bet 10 to 1, that they will go against common sense and still have school instead of thinking about safety.


  1. Pictures are pretty but really make me appreciate the fact that we moved.
    The steak sounds delicious. I think we will try that!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Great recipe! Thanks for joining me!
    Congrats on finding your korked ribbon! (I'm going to have to Google it now to see what it is!) I love finding long lost treasures!