Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Friend Day

Oh, I mean Happy Valentine's day. Keree's school is a little crazy and they don't believe in Valentine's day, so they call it Friend day. Yet, they exchange a single Valentine with another child in the school. I have to say I'm a little sad that there is no making valentine day cards, making treats or even a school party. I have to say I'm looking forward to her trying at least Kindergarten in a public school just for the parties. Anyway, it was the first day back for the Main Teacher from maternity leave. When we walked in, Keree looked at me and whispered "there's the main teacher" and she grabbed onto my leg. I told her that it was ok, how fun that the main teacher was back but she was still apprehensive about me leaving. I know she would be ok because Asst Teacher was there and of course I knew they had their Valentine, I mean Friend day cards to find. Each child gets to hide their Friend card they make (Keree hid hers in the puzzle rack). Then they go into a different classroom and search for a Friend card. Which ever one you find, that is your card. Keree's card was from a little girl in the red room. Since I got my errands done early, I decided to pick Keree up early from school just because I could. When we got home, we took a few pictures outside (can't believe it's in the 50's, it's so warm). My Mom and I then gave Keree her Valentine's day presents from us and she gave us the heart shaped cards she made at school. We headed inside for a short time and I got to work on Keree's Valentine's Muffin tin. In the first cup, I tried to make some cherry tomato hearts, needless to say they didn't work out. Then next cup is cherry yogurt, again I tried to make a heart shape with the sprinkles but when it didn't work, I just added more sprinkles. By the way, I love these sprinkles. When I was in the Netherlands, anytime breakfast was served, so were the sprinkles. You place them on buttered toast. They are so flavorful and I was so thankful to have found them at Jungle Jims, the last time I was visiting my Brother. In the next cup is some Star fruit. This is the first time we had tried it and it was so good. We will be buying it again. In the start of the second row, the first cup holds some venison beef sticks. My plan was to make them into hearts but when that didn't happen, I just tossed them in there. The second cup is a hunk of muenster cheese, that I shaped into a heart. I thought for sure I had a heart shaped cutter but no such luck, so free hand it was. The final cup is some cherries. Keree loves cherries and they are red, so they were perfect for Valentine's day. After Keree devoured her entire tin, she laid down for a nap. While she was napping, I worked on stuff for her Birthday. Which is a whole 'nother post of why I feel I need to over-achieve when it comes to Keree's Birthday parties but I am do some awesome things. After she got up, we made a few calls and wished family Happy Valentine's day. Then it was off to cheerleading practice. I have to say I've had some really mixed feelings with this league. Because of that, I'm seriously considering letting her start in Competition Cheerleading next year. The only reason I've held off before now is because of the financial aspects of it. But I also know how incredible happy it would make her....Decisions, Decisions.


  1. Cute muffin tin meal. Looks delicious!

  2. Her lunch looks so fun and tasty! Thank you for sharing!

  3. What a yummy meal! I love how you share the rest of your day with these MTM posts too! I know you'll make the right decision, as far as cheerleading goes, but if not, it's not written in stone! You can always change your mind later! :)