Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Again

This morning, we woke to it snowing, yet again. The weather people last night said it would be maybe nothing to a dusting. Well when I opened my eyes and checked outside, we already had 7" and it was still snowing heavily. Keree spent her morning watching Saturday morning cartoons and I watched the snow fall outside the window. I was pretty sure that they would be calling off the games today and it took till almost 945am for the Coach to call and say it was canceled. I told her that I had already assumed it was because how much snow we had and how it hadn't stopped. What I didn't say was and you guys cancel even at the mention of bad weather, when it's still perfectly nice outside. Needless to say, it continued to snow all day. We pretty much stayed in our pajamas all day long. We watched movies, worked in some workbooks, read a few books and just relaxed. Heck, I didn't even take any pictures today. Even though I enjoyed today getting to cuddle with my Keree, I really am looking forward to some warmer weather.

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