Friday, February 4, 2011

Hospital Visits

After being iced and snowed in this entire week, today we had to make these appointments. Our day was consumed with visits to the specialists at two hospitals. We got up and out of the house at 6a and still ended up being almost 15 minutes late for our 8a appointment at Children's. Luckily, there was tons of cancellations so it wasn't held against us. I expected that they would take new x-rays and pictures but they decided since it had been only 6 mos, that those would do. We were seen again by a different intern but at least our Main Doc stays the same. When he came in, he said that there was no explanation why Keree's good knee keeps locking and since she's not in tremendous pain, he wasn't ordering an MRI just yet. Not exactly what I was wanting to hear but I know he doesn't want to put her thru needless testing when she's already been thru enough. He did mention that we are looking at surgery probably sometime this year but he's going to try waiting until he really has to do the surgery. He said that Keree's heel cord is way to tight and has to be cut, thus requiring surgery. Basically the surgery would allow the heel cord to lengthen. I'm not too sure yet if we will go through with it but honestly I trust this Doctor, his opinion and really feel he has Keree's best interest at heart. So after all the fun there, we then headed over to Shriner's. We weren't seeing her doctor but she was needing some major adjustments on her brace straps. The day we picked up her new brace in December, I knew we were going to have to come back because the Tech just wouldn't listen when I said that the straps she put on wouldn't work. Now the Tech we worked with today is one of the Head Big Wigs. I was excited that he was working with us but at first he treated me like I was stupid and didn't know how to put on her brace. So I humored him and then started to point out everything that was wrong. That's when he realized it wasn't our first brace and that I was right about the straps not holding her right. After some talking and suggestions, he went back to make the corrections. Once he was done, he came back and it fit alot better. He wanted us to walk around for 10-15 minutes to see if she had any complaints but we knew if there was no complaints in the first 5 minutes we were good. So once we were done, we headed home. Keree was exhausted so she spent the rest of the day resting.

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