Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

I woke up this morning, super excited. Of course in my house, I'm the only one who was thrilled that today was the Super Bowl. Yes, I wish my hometown team would have been one of the teams playing but instead I was just as excited to watch the Packers and Steelers. I have to say I was torn, I have loved the Packers for as long as I can remember (I even own a cheese wedge hat and yes I do sometime wear it) but the Steelers had also over the years grabbed a piece of my heart. And as long as they weren't playing my Team, I rooted for them. So I decided I would be happy with whoever won. Now my Mom, there was no way she was going to watch the game and so she went upstairs to work. But Keree, she was old enough to watch the game this year with me and she did. Now I did occasionally flip up to animal planet and let her watch a few seconds of the Puppy bowl and because of her love of kittys, we did watch the Kitty Half-time show. But all in all, she watched the game, she asked questions and I'm thinking next year, she'll be just as excited as me for the Super Bowl. Now every year, we usually have a host of dips and chips to eat for lunch and dinner but this year I decided I wanted pizza. So Keree and I made a pizza and then decided to make a dessert pizza to enjoy during the game. I gotta say our s'mores pizza was awesome. We made a basic pizza crust, I then mixed a half-stick of butter, graham crackers and a little brown sugar together and spread it on the crust. I then added chocolate chips, which since I didn't have enough added a few cherry chips too. Then topped it all off with mini-marshmallows. Baked at 425 and presto! It was so good, a little sweeter than I really wanted but it was nice and ooeey and gooey. After we watched the Packers win the Super bowl and the presentation of the Vince Lombardi Trophy. We finished our evening by watching Cars before heading to bed.

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