Monday, February 7, 2011

Start of a new week

Keree didn't want to get up this morning and neither did I but since it's been over a week since she was at school, I decided we really needed to get up and go. When we got there, everyone was happy to see her back. Which I found funny because they had been out for 3 days because of the weather and we only missed one day because of her Doctor's appointments. After stuffing her coat in her backpack (a new drop-off rule), I helped her climb up the steps to the sink and wash her hands. While she was at school, I headed home to work on a few things. I also had to get an order sent. When I picked Keree up, the summary said that the Assistant Teacher weighed the children and the kids tried to guess how much they weighed before they stepped on the scale. The Asst. Teacher told me that when Keree stepped on the scale, she was too light and it refused to register her weight. So after the teacher checking to see if it was working. They devised a plan to weigh Keree. The Asst Teacher picked up Keree and then they both stepped on the scale. They then subtracted the Asst Teacher weight and came up with Keree's. She weighed 25 lbs and she weighs less than everyone in her class. Which actually surprised the Teacher's because there is another little girl who is Asian in her class and she was 5lbs heavier than Keree and that little girl has been sick for almost a month. Once we had lunch, Keree took a short nap and then it was time for Cheer practice. Of course, right before we headed out it started to snow. I was so thankful they didn't cancel it because they have only had 2 practice (we missed one during my Grandma's death) and this was practice #3. They learned 4 new cheers and 2 new chants. They decided that at this weeks game all the little ones will stand in the back. Seriously, I mean you can see from the picture that Keree's a good foot or more shorter than the rest of the girls. How am I even going to see my daughter during the game on Saturday? After practice was finished, Keree then handed out birthday invitation to all the girls on her squad. It was so adorable seeing her pass them out and I really wish I would have thought about snapping a picture of it. Once we got home, Keree was ready for bed and I worked on the computer till it was later than I expected. I'm really starting to think that having a computer in the bedroom isn't a good thing because I want to stay up.

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