Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Ice, Snow and more Snow

Well this morning, we woke up to find 3 more inches of ice and almost 8" of snow on the ground. I couldn't believe it. I was also thankful that when I woke up this morning at 4am, that Keree pre-school was listed as being canceled. So after we all got up, I sat out to find some super warm clothes for all of us. I headed outside to try and scrap off some of the ice on our sidewalk and to try and start the car. Even though I told Keree to stay inside the warmer rooms, she decided to watch from the door. So before heading back in, I grabbed Keree and snapped this quick photo outside. Of course because of the weather, we spent the entire day inside. Keree spent her day either playing with Rapunzel, doing work books or drawing in her notebook. Right when it hit noon, it suddenly started snowing again. What was ironic about it all, was the Weather guy goes "all the snow and ice has moved out of our region and we are all clear." It was so funny because the snow that started at noon, added an additional 7" to our totals. Once it finally stopped snowing, I headed outside to walk our entire property. I wanted to make sure there was no damage and of course I wanted to take a few more pictures. I couldn't believe how cold it was outside. By the time I reached the half-way mark around the acreage, I was frozen. I couldn't believe how cold my feet was. Once I was back inside, I spent my evening working on bows. I can't believe how many bows types I sold last weekend and I really need to build up my inventory again. Also since it was Wednesday, we finished our evening with tv.

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