Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This morning, Keree was wide awake by 530a. So in an attempt to get a little more sleep, I flipped on cartoons. It lasted for a short time before she decided she was starving and needed food right now. Unfortunately Keree has been picking up some bad habits at school...especially demanding something or screeching when she doesn't get her way. She knows that I don't like the behavior and she has had time outs and lost privileges but it has only stopped when she's away from school for a period of time. It doesn't help that she sees these children acting that way at school and the school does nothing to correct or modify the situation. Now when the Substitute Teacher was there, we weren't having these problems because she didn't let the offending children get away with it but as soon as Main Teacher came back, those children are getting away with it and in some cases getting worse. What I am thankful for is I'm not the only parent who has noticed this with their child. Otherwise when I came to pick Keree up from school, there was no summary. Keree said that they ate crackers and played outside. More than likely that is probably all they did do. Since coming back from maternity leave, the Main Teacher doesn't want to do anything. As we were leaving, one of the boys who got sick and wasn't able to come, brought Keree her Birthday present. The Mom was super excited and couldn't wait for Keree to open it. Inside her present was a Barbie convertible. Keree thanked them and then asked me if she could open it right now. I told her, she had to wait till we got home. Once we got home, I took a few pictures outside of Keree in her new Rapunzel outfit that her Uncle got her for her birthday. We then headed inside and I let Keree fix her own lunch. She choose salami, square cheese and some applesauce. I then promised Keree that after her nap, she could open her new car. Once she got up, she had a blast putting all the stickers on her car. Because it only fits Barbies and we don't have any, but luckily she got her new Monster High dolls. So right now, Frankiestein is riding in style to the beach. I didn't feel like cooking tonight, so I ordered some pizza. We then spent the rest of the evening relaxing.

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  1. Oooh yikes...5:30am! I hope she had a good long nap for you today. By the way, she is such a beautiful little doll!