Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RSVP deadline

This morning Keree was up before 5a. I hate waking up before the sun, I tried to convince her to sleep a little longer but no luck. Then when it was time to get dressed and go to school, she grabs her cover and goes "I'm tired." Of course in my infinite Mom wisdom, I go, "too bad, get up now, you know you should have went back to sleep when I told you too." Yep, I was grumpy and tired. I dropped Keree off at school and then did some birthday running. I decided to peruse the Valentine's day clearance to see what I could find for the treat bags. I was surprised that I did find a few things but then I decided to venture into the Birthday aisle. I was shocked to find, they actually had Tangled plates, cups and plates (I went with plain white and pink/yellow/green napkins because it was cheaper). There was nothing else Tangled except on the bottom shelf was a bag of candy. It was to be used to fill a pinata but everything was branded with Tangled, Rapunzel, Flynn, Pascal and Maximus. I was so excited and then I spotted the price. WOW! Now so far, I've been super frugal with the whole party. Everything I have bought besides the cakes and drinks were on super clearance. The rest of the stuff, I've been handmaking to put the personalized touches on everything. So I did it, I bought a bag of Tangled candy for $6. In the grand scheme, it's not that bad, each piece of candy is worth 14 cents and seeing Keree's face when she saw the bag of Tangled candy. Well, it was way worth the 600 pennies. After picking Keree up from school, we headed home. Since it was so gorgeous, I decided to open up the garage and get Keree's bike out. She was giddy with excitement, I'm not sure how many times she went up and down the sidewalk but eventually she stopped because she said her foot hurt. I'm know this cold weather has been rough on her polio because she's just not using her leg as much as she does when it's warm. During the winter, I can stretch her foot and we can exercise but it's just not as good as being outside and playing all day. Once we headed inside, of course we worked on Birthday stuff. I really wasn't in the mood, so I wasn't being that productive. Today was also the RSVP deadline. So far we have 23 kids and 26 adults, for a grand total of 49. We also have 16 kids we haven't heard from so don't know if they will show up or not. Now, I did decide to make up a few extra bags of treats. The extra bags don't have hardly anything in them but hey at least they are getting something. Now those who RSVP'd there bags are packed with tons and tons of fun goodies and treats. Otherwise, we ended our evening with Wednesday night tv. Keree was so excited to see baby Lily's birthday on Modern family tonight because "that means we were both born in February and we were both born in Vietnam." Oh and I almost forgot today Keree got her Valentine's day card from her YeYe and Great-Great. Inside the card was a red balloon, which she enjoyed so much blowing it up and then letting the air out.

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