Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day

This morning, we had to wake Keree up at 730a. From what we knew, they were suppose to have school today to make up a snow day but when we arrived, school was closed. The sad thing, I wasn't the only parent there with their child. So our next stop was suppose to be the bank, there was a huge fiasco over the weekend, they had to cancel our cards because they had been hacked. We were concentrating so much on the fact of everything that happened, that it didn't hit us until we were almost at the bank that it was also closed because of the holiday. We then ran to the store because we really needed a few groceries and Keree wanted to look around to see if she was going to spend anymore of her Birthday gift cards. I was surprised when Keree suddenly spotted a pair of fuzzy jaguar spotted blue pants, blue top and stuffed jaguar. She feel in love with the gift set plus it was on clearance, so that is what Keree decided to spend some of her money on. She looked for a new pair of shoes but didn't find any that she liked. Once we got home from the store, she wanted to change into her new clothes. All day, she kept coming up to us going feel my pants, they are so soft. Keree ended up taking a long nap and even though I had no intention of falling asleep, next think I knew Keree was waking me up. Before we knew it, it was time to leave for cheerleading. I honestly am over this league. Keree is not enjoying it as much as she did with OLPL which makes me sad. The girls on the squad are super cliquey and Keree is treated as the odd girl out even though they preach the whole togetherness and inclusion of the league. When we got home, I fixed Keree a Muffin tin dinner. Since it was Presidents day, I decided to try and go with a Americana theme. So I used baseball themed liners, which I turned inside out so you could see the pictures. I then decided on a Mickey Mouse theme because honestly when I lived overseas everyone equated the USA with Mickey Mouse, Hollywood & New York. So in the first cup is some cheddar Mickey Mouse shaped cheese. The second cup, I cut some hard salami into Mickey Mouse shaped heads. The third cup also contained some mozzarella shaped Mickey Mouse shaped heads. The next row starts with some cherry tomatoes, just because I had them in the fridge. The middle cup then was some cherry yogurt...I was thinking along the line of apple and cherry pie because that's pretty darn American. I needed something for the final cup, so I decided on one of Keree's favorites, green olives. We spent the rest of the evening watching documentaries on tv before finally heading to bed.


  1. Super cute! I think I've seen that somewhere, about the Mickey Mouse and America... like in a movie someone says "American? Mickey Mouse!" or something like that.
    I *love* finding awesome clearance bargains on cute stuff! What a great find!