Friday, February 18, 2011

Sunny Friday

This morning Keree was up by 6a, which didn't surprise me. Between her getting within a few inches of my face trying to see if I would wake up and bouncing on the bed....I didn't get any extra sleep time. I've been trying to break the bouncing on the bed habit but it's hard since when she was little we actually encouraged her to jump to her hearts delight because it was good therapy. Thank goodness I did score the mini trampoline last year because Keree loves to jump! So after getting her some breakfast and getting dressed, we headed out to school. After dropping Keree off, we went and picked up the birthday cupcake cakes from Wallymart. I have to say I wasn't too impressed by their work, actually I was downright disappointed. I have always either made my own or only bought last years from Sam$. I've decided that next year we will probably be going back to Sam$ because I know their quality and work. And honestly, the reason why I've bought the last 2 years is because I'm not going to make cupcakes for 50-70 kids and adults. It's a personal preference because it's one less thing I have to worry about. After picking up the cakes, I headed home for a short time and ended up having to handle some business. Since I was stuck on the phone, my Mom ended up picking Keree up from school. When Keree and my Mom got home, I was still stuck on my call. Keree was antsy, so while I talked on the phone, we went outside and she rode her bike up and down the sidewalk. Once I was finally finished, we headed inside, where my Mom told me that she was bombarded with questions on what to get Keree for her birthday. I thought adding helpful hints on the back of the invitation on what Keree liked would help to head off the 100 questions that happened last year. My Mom said that actually quite a few Mom's also go, didn't you read the invitation she's likes anything Disney, games, workbooks, etc. I'm glad that most of the Mom's liked my idea of adding her likes onto the invitation. We spent the rest of the day making sure everything was done, packed and ready for the birthday party tomorrow. It's going to be a crazy day with Cheerleading, Party and then dinner out with my Step-Mom.

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