Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day

Even though we only got about 3" of snow yesterday, the weather was frigid cold. I flipped on the news to see if Keree's school was closed. I was surprised when the weather came on and it said it was -1 at the base and then with the wind, it felt like -36. Since I had just missed their alphabet letter, I pulled on my clothes and went to see what the road looked like outside. Of course, it looked like they hadn't cleared it off at all, so I was really hoping she was called off. I ended up back in the bedroom just in time to see that school was called off. So we spent the day cleaning and trying to straighten up for the Holiday. Were not sure if anyone will be even coming to visit us, but we need to clear some space to put up our Christmas tree and at least have a good holiday for ourselves. As for Keree, she was excited to open up her Advent calendar and inside was a little teddy bear. So she had fun playing with the characters and accessories she had gotten so far.

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