Wednesday, December 1, 2010

25 days till Christmas

Wow, I can't believe it's December 1st already. I can't believe that it's only 25 days till Christmas and 31 days till 2011. I'm still in disbelief how fast this year has flown by. When I picked Keree up from school, it said that since it was so cold they danced with scarves around the room, watched movies on recycling and read a book on recycling. I have to say I'm thankful that the Main Teacher will be going on maternity leave soon because I'm starting to think that the Recycling Chapter was going to be like the Pizza Chapter from last year. Seriously, 9 months where all they learned about was Pizza, it was beyond ridiculous and it was sad that not only us parents got tired of it but so did the kids. When we got home, I gave Keree her Advent calendar. I had actually bought it 2 years ago and had planned on her using it last year but I lost it. So when I found it in the Spring, I tucked it inside her closest so I could make sure that we would have it for December 1st. Keree was so excited to open Day 1 and inside was a penguin. She was a little concerened that since we are heading out of town tomorrow, what would happen with her calendar. So that's when I explained to her that means she gets to open all the doors we missed while we are away. We spent the rest of the day packing and tying up a few loose ends before we head out tomorrow for my Brothers.

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