Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No School

Today there was no school. We couldn't figure out why the school was closed smack down in the middle of the week on a non-holiday day. So we finally asked yesterday and it's only 2 classrooms with no school. It seems that Keree's teacher has to attend a conference and so instead of hiring a sub for the day, the kids just don't have class. So we spent the morning running errands. We ended up finding a few Christmas gifts for those hard to buy people in our lives, which was a relief to have them off our list finally. So we are done with all the gifts that are going to be bought and only have the hand-made ones to finish, which is about 80% of our list. When we got home, we made some lunch and then Keree got to open day 8 on her Advent calendar. Keree was so excited that it was a little pair of ear muffs. I spent the rest of the day working through our Christmas card list, addressing, checking, filling, stamping and finally licking the envelopes. I'm still not finished but I at least got the bulk done (over 100). While I was working on the Christmas cards, Keree spent her time playing with the fun items she has gotten so far from her Advent Calendar. She had those animals wearing all kinds of costumes and acting out some crazy stuff. I did finally catch Keree singing Santa Claus is coming to town with the hand motions she has made up to go with it. It's hilarious and maybe one of these days I'll actually get it upload for everyone to see.

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