Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Frigid Tuesday

This morning, Keree slept in to almost 830a and even though they had school today. I opted to let her sleep because she was so sound. We finally left the house in the late morning because we had to run a few errands. I couldn't believe how bad our roads were still. There was icy patches and snow blown across them, it was ridicoulous. After we ran our errands, we grabbed some lunch and headed home. Keree took a super good nap which was over 2 hours, so I'm not sure why she's slept so good. We spent our evening upstairs wrapping Christmas presents, paying bills and looking at toys on the Internet. Keree's already made up her mind what she wants for Christmas...Baby All Gone and a Tangled toy. I'm so thankful that she's not a child who thinks she can ask for and get the world, not that I wouldn't try giving it to her. But she did say a few things were pretty cool but never once did she say, I want this or that or demand something. Well I gotta finish making some Christmas presents, otherwise they won't get done in time.

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