Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jellyfish & Melted Plastic

Keree woke up way too early this morning, well it wasn't that early but honestly I didn't want to get up, so it was way too early for me. No matter how the morning went, I kept running behind and before I knew it, we were 15 minutes late in leaving for school. At least it's not like the end of the world if she's late. So Keree and I rushed in, washed hands, signed her in and she started on the art project. While she was in school, I finished up an order and get in the mail. Along with the package, I also sent out the first bunch of Christmas cards (102 of them). I can't believe that our Christmas card list has grown to over 100 cards....heck it's almost at 150. When I went to pick Keree up the summary said that they decorated Plastic cups, then put them in the oven and got to watch them shrink and change shape. They also read a book and celebrated Jaeda's birthday with a special treat. Well Keree had pink frosting all over, so I know it was a cupcake. We are finally back to our homeschool meetings. Today was our first meeting with the Homeschool Teacher instead of the Coordinator. It has taken them this long to hire someone for the position. We were to meet at the Library but on my way there, she called and said it was closed. I honestly thought she was crazy until I pulled into the parking lot and there were fire trucks all over. It seems that the Library had a small electrical fire, the closest place I could think of was a fast food restaurant that is usually empty where we could have our meeting. I was surprised but they ended up just giving us the work we had missed because they knew we would make it up. It made me feel so good that they didn't hold Keree back. Our lesson for this week is about Oceans, Water and Ocean Animals. We read quite a few books on Ocean Animals, talked about different types of water and made a few assumptions on whether an item would sink or float. I think Keree's favorite active of the day was making puppets of our favorite sea creatures. Actually, I think why it was her favorite is because she got to use scissors. Keree ended up making a jellyfish and then she decided to make an angry fish who was going to eat another fish. We ended up finishing our session about 15 minutes early. We had finished everything the Teacher had planned plus alot of other activities not on her agenda. Since it was way past lunch time, we grabbed some lunch and headed home. We spent the rest of the day working on wrapping Christmas gifts, finishing up almost the last of the Christmas cards and worked on quite a few of the gifts we are hand making. This evening, we watched some of the Christmas cartoons they had on prime time before heading to bed.

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