Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ice Day

I was up at 330a this morning, not sure why but just couldn't sleep. So since I couldn't sleep, I watched the Ice coverage on the news. I also spent the time reading all the schools that had been called off because of the ice. Both Keree's preschool and homeschool wasn't having school, which was good because there was no way I was venturing out. We spent our day upstairs, we spent our time straightening and packing up some of Keree's old toys. Going through some of her winter clothes because she's outgrown them already, not because her body/height grew but because of her arms length. When we weren't cleaning/straightening/packing, we spent time cuddling together reading some of the Keree's favorite books. I did venture outside for a short time to get the mail and try to clean off the car. I was disappointed that the road crews didn't even come though until after 3p to put ice melt down, which at that point it was pretty pointless because the temperature had dropped again and of course it just refroze.

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