Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blown fuse

Of course, I knew better than to expect a repeat of yesterday of Keree sleeping in. She was up by 6:02a and ready to start her day. So after fixing her breakfast and getting her dressed, we headed off to school. Even though we left on time, we got there late. My only reasoning why this happened, was I was driving slower because the snow melted and there was ice on the road. When we got to school, the Teacher's acted like I was walking in on some top secret act. I later read they were creating their presents for their parents. Of course, it's the exact same present I received from Keree last year, which I'm thankful for but seriously where is this Teacher's originality. While Keree was in school, I spent time running around doing errands because we are suppose to get freezing rain/sleet and snow this evening. So, not knowing what the weather is going to be like and if we will be able to get out tomorrow, I picked up the essentials and the last of our Christmas shopping. When I picked Keree up from school, the summary said that they worked on their Holiday presents for their parents and played with bean bags. Keree also said that she played in the sensory table that was filled with oatmeal. When we got home, we ate lunch and then Keree fought taking a nap. She did finally fall asleep, only to be woken up about 10 min later. I tried my hardest to get her to go back to sleep but no luck. This evening, we were back upstairs cleaning and organizing. I really can't believe how bad we had let it get with clutter and not putting things up where they belonged. As my Mom was vacuum, she blew the circuit breaker. It scared Keree half to death because it left her in the dark and all we could do was laugh about how screwy our house is. I headed downstairs to flip the breaker back on but none of them was flipped. So I went up and down the breakers, flipping them off and then back on, hoping to remedy the problem. Still no luck, so of course my Mom had to try it because I must have not done it right and again no lights came on. So, after us staring at each other and me going can there possibly be another panel we don't know about, it suddenly hit us. In the back of the garage is this huge panel but we were told it didn't work, so it hadn't even crossed our mind. So, we decided to just try it and amazingly the lights came back on. I love my old converted barn house but it really gets on my nerves sometimes. But the upside, I do now have a more complete list on which breakers turn off what lights or wall sockets.

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