Sunday, December 5, 2010

Relaxing Day

We spent the day relaxing at my Brother's. We got his new futon set up and rearranged his bonus room. Then my Brother gave Keree a job. He gave her a lint brush, showed her how to use it and let her loose cleaning the black cover on the futon. Keree would not stop until she had cleaned every inch. She was leaning over the back, sides and honestly it was hysterical watching her take her job so serious. We went outside for a short time and Keree helped Uncle crush cans on his deck. She was also excited to watch the snow fall and tried to catch the flurries from the deck. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and cleaning. After we enjoyed a nice dinner together, Keree and Uncle made snickerdoodle cookies. When all was said and done, they had made over 3 dozen cookies. They spent the rest of the evening drawing and coloring snow pictures. Keree then decided she needed to make a list of what everyone wanted for Christmas so she could tell Santa. So she asked Uncle first what he wanted, he said World Peace. Keree then wrote Baby All Gone. She then asked my Mom and she said she wanted her family together, then Keree remembered she wanted a Rapunzel thing (she's not being picky, she just wants one thing). She then asked me and of course I went practical, I really wanted to say a few million dollars but instead I said alligator clips. The best part was when she asked her stuffed Kitty Cat and stuffed Cow what they wanted. Her Kitty Cat wants a fish and the Cow wants hay. She said that she had to bring home the list, so she could add the rest of her families wishes to it.

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