Monday, March 7, 2011

Today in the mail, Keree got a St.Patrick's day card from her Great-Great Aunt F. It amazes me how she remember Keree in such small ways, just like she always remembered my Brother and I growing up. Inside the card was a pair of St. Patrick's day socks that looked like little mary jane slippers. Keree just ohh'd and ahh'd over them. Then since it's Monday, I decided to fix Keree a Muffin Tin dinner. We had picked out some yan yan sticks while at the store today, so that was my inspiration. So in the first container we have some chicken wontons. Next some dipping sauce, followed by some shrimp chips. The next row starts out with some ramen noodles, next a veggie egg roll and finished with some more ramen noodles because Keree loves them. Of course, when I asked what her favorite part was, she answered the yan yan sticks.

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