Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time Change

None of us were feeling that hot when we woke up this morning. Keree was running a low grade fever still but had a little more spunk. Since none of us wanted to fix breakfast, we decided to hit the local breakfast buffet. When we got there, both my Mom and I was starving but pretty much as soon as the breakfast hit our stomachs, we were sick. Keree on the other hand, didn't want to eat anything, instead all she wanted to do was drink chocolate milk. So since breakfast was a bust, we had to stop at the fabric store for my Mom before heading home. Once home, my Mom laid down, while Keree and I headed upstairs. I needed to finish up the Christmas presents for Kerees' Godmother's family. I'm so happy, that with some help from my Mom, they are finished. Now I just have to get them packed and shipped. Keree and I ended up taking almost a 2hr nap in the big green chair upstairs. We both ended up falling asleep while watching Snow White and woke up shortly after Aladdin started. I did a little work before we headed downstairs for the evening. Keree had a hard time falling alseep for bed. I just can't figure out why her sleep schedule is so out of whack. I know part of it, is the time change but these problems were happening before this. Hoping we get back to something normal because the last 4 days, her falling asleep at almost 11p, waking up almost everyday before 6am, and taking less than a 1/2 hr to 1hr nap, just isn't right.

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