Friday, March 11, 2011


Last night we watched Enchanted. The first time, we watched it, I wasn't that happy with the stereotype it portrayed, the whole helpless damsel in distress who was clueless. Since then we have watched it, heck I'm not sure how many times because it's been showing almost every weekend on prime time tv. So it's now grown on me and the more I watched it the more I realized at the end, Giselle finally decides on her own that she doesn't have to marry some prince, that she can do what she wants. Of course it's to marry a common person but still it's much better than the clueless, helpless girl she starts out as. Of course, Keree's favorite part is when she calls the animals. She cups her hands around her mouth and will try and call our animals outside. Of course, most of the time she scares them away but a few times they have gotten close to her and she swears it's because of her calling them.

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