Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Ravioli Day

This morning when I woke up, I could barely get out of bed. I had gotten sick sometime during last night and I was really hoping that with a good night's sleep that this extreme nausea feeling would be gone. I was wrong, it was a hundred time worse this morning. Finally I drug myself out of bed, got Keree feed and dressed for school and out the door. I had started feeling better so after dropping Keree off, I ran and paid some bills, picked up the money orders to pay for our booth spaces at upcoming shows and picked up a few things at Walle mart. When I got done, I was suddenly feeling awful yet again, so I picked Keree up from school almost 45 minutes early. When I arrived, the whole school was outside on the playground and some of the classes was starting to head in. I passed the Assistant Teacher and she said, I had just missed the pep rally. I then passed one of the Directors G and she goes you just the pep rally, it was so cute. So I finally step outside, Keree was playing with Hyun and I have to say seeing these two play together was just too precious. So after signing Keree out, we walked to get her backpack before heading home. I asked Keree about the pep rally and she said that they were screaming and cheering for the Teachers. Still not sure why they were but Keree was more impressed that she got to eat her snack outside. Once we got home, my Mom and Keree stayed outside and changed our Goose, Gooselyn Bob's clothes to a more springtime outfit, while I wanted to lay down but instead made Keree her Muffin Tin. So since yesterday was the first day of spring, I decided to go with an Easter/Spring theme. Actually I thought about doing something for Ravioli day since I did grow up near the capital of toasted ravioli but just didn't have the energy. I used some Easter muffin liners to add to the spring theme. So first up, we have homemade pimento cheese spread with flip crackers (part of the cracker is pretzel and the rest is cracker), in the next cup is some broccoli grape salad (which Keree likes as much as her beloved slaw) and the final cup for that row is some sliced smoked honey turkey folded onto a bunny and chick pick. In the next row, the first cup contains a jelly filled strawberry marshmallow, they looked so good at the store, I couldn't resist. The middle cup is some key lime yogurt and a milky way shaped bunny (needed this wrapper for a craft project) enjoying a bath and in the final cup is a spring colored rice crispie treat that I shaped into a egg. As for the rest of the day, I tried to put Keree down for an early nap but she wouldn't have any of it, even though she was tired. She finally fell asleep right before 3p and by then I was beyond nauseated and couldn't lay down any more. So instead I tried to catch up on this blog. Even though I needed to get some work done, I spent my evening in bed hoping that this is just some 24 hr bug, watching Dancing with the Stars while Keree played her new-to-her leapster she got on Saturday.


  1. I love all the Easter things you included!

  2. I sure hope your feeling better! I can't believe all you did while not feeling good!