Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dr. Suess Birthday

This morning we all woke up late, so Keree got to stay home from school today. Because we knew it was Dr. Suess's birthday we planned on reading Go Dog Go. I swore I have a copy of it but to no avail, I couldn't find it. We headed out to get a few business supplies and stopped by Michaels. They were having their make and take craft which was a Dr. Suess bookmark. We got there right before the stopping time and I'm pretty sure Keree was close to being one of the only ones who stopped by. Keree got full reign over the stickers, paper and markers. She created bookmarks for not only herself but her Great-Grandparents and Uncle. After our short trip shopping, we headed home. We ate a quick lunch and then curled up and read "I can read with my eyes shut." Keree would read the pages with less words and Mom had to read the pages with more words. After nap, we headed upstairs where I spent my time working and Keree spent her time digging through my scraps and creating. Because I was punching out bottlecap images, Keree imagined that the paper scraps could be made into crowns. So she made a crown for all of us to wear. Before heading to bed for the evening, we read "The Cat in the Hat". Again Keree read the less word pages and I read the more word pages.

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