Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Belated Birthday Fun

Keree really wanted to go to Chuckee's for her birthday. She really wanted to have her birthday party there and everything. My Mom and I...well we didn't think that was a good idea at all. But after doing some errands, we decided to reward Keree with some time at the pizza place for a sort of belated birthday fun. After ordering our pizza, we played Deal or No deal. Then Keree and I split our time between, whack-a-alien, riding the horse and skee-ball. After eating some pretty greasy pizza, we rode the electronic roller coaster. Keree has never been into riding rides, so this was a first for her. She was going to be brave and sit next to me but after the first jerk. She begged to lay on top of me, while we were tossed this way and that. Honestly, by the time it stopped, I was ready to puke. I couldn't believe how motion sick I got. Since my Mom wasn't feeling well, we decided to leave before spending all our coins. We cashed in our tickets and let Keree pick out a prize. Of course, in true Keree fashion, she picked the baseball bat and ball. After we got home, she talked non-stop about all the fun things we did. She asked if we could go more often. My standard response was it costs lots of money but honestly, I would rather kept the place as a once/twice a year place to visit because all the electronic lights & sounds can be annoying, even though my daughter does so enjoy it.

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