Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Green Clovers

Since Keree has two St. Patrick's day shirts, she got to wear the bigger of the two today. I also made her a new multi shades of green korker bow to go with her shirt. She also got to wear her new fairy jeans from Great-Great and YeYe. Because it was such a nice day today, Keree's school decided to spend the majority of the day outside playing instead of learning anything. The summary did say that they sang a few songs and practiced writing their names. Which basically meant that Keree did nothing because she knows how to write her complete name, including her two middle names. Once we got home and ate lunch, I laid Keree down for a nap, while I headed upstairs to work. Once Keree got up from her nap, we ended up finding a St. Patrick's day movie on tv. She was excited to watch it and I was excited to find that it contained alot of historical facts in it. Wish, I would have know the name of it because I would defiantly get it on dvd to watch again. Again we had a late night, I lost track of time while working so we ate a super late dinner yet again and then it was time for bed.

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