Monday, November 8, 2010

A Warm Monday

With all the frigid temperatures we have had last week (the low 20's with wind chills in the negatives), I was surprised when I woke up, got dressed, walked outside and it was balmy. Still needed a long sleeve shirt and my fleece, but nothing like the previous days, where I was wearing 3-4 layers to stay warm. Keere was all for going to school this morning. Not sure why but things in the last week has seemed to go better. She has distanced herself from the one little girl (totally avoiding her at all costs from the minute she walks into the classroom) and Bully Boy has been out sick. So after dropping Keree off at school, I had to run to the store for supplies. Of course, it seems I never make it out of the store with out a few other things also. But at least they were in the Halloween 80% off clearance. When I came to pick Keree up, the summary said that they did a science experiment using vinegar and baking soda and watched it foam up. They watched another movie about trash and the Assistant Teacher taught them a new Trash song. When we got home, Keree got to play outside for a short time. It was amazing that she could be out there without her heavy winter coat on. She even convinced me to unpack her bicycle so she could ride it up and down the sidewalk. Once we came inside, the rest of our day was filled with work and trying to sort through the week's worth of emails. Keree is really enjoying more these days helping us with our work and she's getting to be really good at certain tasks. And I have to say I'm really enjoying being able to assign her harder tasks for her to do.

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